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August 7, 2015  

Prior to founding the society-wide standardized label initiative Recycle Across America in 2010, Mitch Hedlund had over 20 years experience in marketing, communications and branding, serving Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized companies. In fact, she has relied heavily on those communications and branding disciplines while she developed the society-wide standardized labeling system.

Mitch has proven to be an effective entrepreneur and businessperson by being able to cut through confusion to identify practical opportunities that improve economics, efficacy and participation. She has done this while employed with Dayton-Hudson Department Stores, Fingerhut Companies and when serving her marketing clients for 11 years.

She is a frequent contributor to articles on the subject of recycling and the environment, including Forbes, NY Times and industry publications. Mitch is an ongoing speaker at U.S. conferences and business seminars that have a focus on sustainability and recycling. Additionally, she has been invited to speak internationally and was recently a keynote speaker at the European Union’s Environmental Summit in Brussels.

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